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A white building with black-striped window awnings that spell "ART," surrounded by greenery and a small pond in the foreground.
A white building with black striped awnings and the word "ART" displayed on its side. The reflection of the building can be seen in a pond in the foreground.

ART in the Village of Artists

Salado has a long history of celebrating art and artists. Visit us and see why.

Two black-and-white framed photographs of plants hang on a white wall under spotlights. The photo on the left displays a close-up of a leaf, while the one on the right shows a succulent.

Monochrome art

A framed painting of an abstract forest scene is displayed on a white wall, illuminated by a light fixture above.

Hand-Painted oils

A wall displays vertical panels arranged with various colorful abstract patterns and textures, including geometric shapes, florals, and dots. A plant's leaves slightly extend into the image on the right side.

Mixed Media

Close-up of reflective, smooth, oval-shaped metallic objects mounted on a light-colored wooden wall panel.

ceramic art

Thirty Years of Portrait Art

Tim Flanagan’s Signature Portraits are recognized globally. Families travel to Central Texas for this exceptional experience. Tim Flanagan’s work exemplifies the enduring power of family and art.

Two side-by-side photos: the left shows two men in suits seated on a wooden chair by large windows; the right shows the same two men now joined by an older man and woman standing by a wooden table.
Two men in suits sit back-to-back on a wooden chair in a sunlit room with large windows.
A smiling couple with gray hair embraces. The man stands behind the seated woman, both wearing gray sweaters and white shirts.

Couples & Anniversary

A group portrait of five people, including two men and three women, posing against a textured backdrop. One man is seated in a chair while the rest stand around him.


Person lying down with legs up, wearing jeans, and reading a book. Several books are stacked nearby. The background is bright and blurred.

Seniors and Grads

A young boy with blonde hair is smiling and wearing a white shirt, plaid bow tie, and black suspenders.


Art for Home

Transform your living space with original art that speaks to your style and personality. Our curated collection features unique pieces that add inspiration and atmosphere. Discover the perfect artwork to make your house feel like a home.

Two abstract art pieces are displayed on a wall. The left artwork consists of five vertical panels with vibrant colors, while the right artwork is a single square piece with multicolored vertical stripes.
Gallery corner with two modern, abstract paintings displayed; one divided into four vertical panels, featuring bold, multicolored patterns, and the other a single piece with vertical, colorful stripes.

Date Night

Experience an evening at Solas Gallery with our classes and events. Perfect for couples, our art events offer a creative and fun way to spend time together. Join us for a unique date night that blends creativity and connection in an inspiring setting.

A ticket with the words admit one Flexible Event Pass 2021.

Events and Classes

Learn Photo Editing

Everyone gets a Headshot

Take your iPhone Photos up a notch

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