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A white building with black-striped window awnings that spell "ART," surrounded by greenery and a small pond in the foreground.

Preserve Your Passion

Protect the memories that matter most with our expert preservation techniques.

A person works on framing a picture at a table in a well-lit room with various frame samples on the wall and a large window showcasing a garden view.
A person with gray hair is working at a table, cutting materials. The wall behind them displays various types of picture frame corners arranged in rows.
A woman in a gray and white sweater is showing framed artwork to another woman in an orange sweater at a store. Framing samples are visible in the background.
A person with gray hair tied back is wearing a striped sweater and a pendant while handling items on a table.

Your Art, Elevated

Preservation meets design. Expert framing takes your art to the next tier.

A home corner featuring a colorful abstract painting on the wall, a beige armchair with a yellow cushion, and a small table displaying framed photographs.
A small collection of framed photos, including black-and-white baby portraits and family moments, are displayed on a wooden surface next to a brightly colored abstract painting.

Tender Arted

From heart to frame, Salado Village Framer treats every piece with gentle care and exquisite detail.

Art gallery interior featuring a wooden desk with a tablet and photo prints, vibrant abstract painting on the wall, and wooden floor. Framing samples are displayed against another wall.
A cozy room with wooden floors, a desk with a tablet, and potted plants by a set of French doors and a large window.

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