Capturing the Inner Light of loving relationships, the glow of tenderness, the intensity of new love, the depth of abiding years, the nuances of how these hands became forged in a forever clasp. Sealing a moment when the dearest of family and the truest of friends blend their strength to cherish the once only moments of life well-lived.

 This is Solas Gallery.

For 25 years, I have spent my days getting to know families like yours and reminding us both of what's really most important in life.

I'm Tim Flanagan, and I have been a professional photographer since I was 11 years old.  No kidding. With a makeshift darkroom in a spare bathroom, I bicycled to assignments and photographed evidence for courtroom presentations. A few years after graduation from Baylor University, I opened my first studio full-time in 1992. I cut my photographic teeth on commercial and journalistic photography and had hundreds of images published in magazines and newspapers across the country. A visit with a mentor from Northern California motivated me to turn my passion toward photographing people exclusively (as opposed to products or news) and I have never looked back. My experience has left me firmly committed to keeping alive the traditions of fine portraiture. The methods and tools have changed dramatically in recent years, but the art of a real portrait is still as valuable as ever.

Why Solas?

In 2000, my family moved to the Artist's Village of Salado and opened Solas Gallery ("Solas" is the Irish word for light) We named the studio as a reminder of the essential role light plays in visual art. If you have ever been to my studio in person, you no doubt remember the striking architecture and the massive 27 foot tall windows northlight studio windows. Our studio is full of light, so the name makes sense.

Over these 25 years, I have photographed hundreds of weddings and created over one million professional images for a few thousand of my dearest friends.

My True Love

My wife Cherie Flanagan photographs babies from the tiniest newborns up through their first birthday. Cherie began BabyFaces in 2005 and has watched it grow into one of the leading baby studios in Texas and one of the few in the nation that photograph only babies. Cherie loves working with infants and moms. She and I have two babies of our own who have somehow grown into men.

What We Do

Solas Gallery is a great place to create personal art for your home. We enjoy working with you to create truly custom pieces to fit your style and character. We offer true custom framing from leading American and Italian manufacturers including Larson-Juhle, Roma and Husar Picture Frame.

What's in my Vault?

If we have ever photographed you or your family, we may still have your images in our archive. These 25 years have left me an incredible number (over 400,000) film and digital originals in storage. We cannot promise that any specific image or session is still accessible, but if you contact us, we will gladly search our files.


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